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About us


A solution for every need

Euroclamp S.r.l. a socio unico is a sole shareholder manufacturer of pipe clamp fittings, livestock equipment as well as galvanized fittings for agricultural irrigation equipment and watering systems. We also supply spare parts for slurry tankers and feed transport systems.

Active since 1995, it was born from the consolidated experience with the company ANFOR, an established producer of livestock equipment. Since its birth, it has constantly persisted through continuous technological and productive advancements to reach the objective of complete client satisfaction. Aside from offering a standard range of products, we offer a wide range of complete and fine-tuned personalized products to adequately respond to national market needs and international market demands which are in constant evolution.
In 2003, after fusing with the “Valla Irrigazione” brand name, another established company specialized in the production of galvanized fittings for agricultural irrigation equipment and watering systems, we continued with this production of irrigation equipment, greatening our range of action and raising our quality standards. In the course of the last few years, we have intensified our collaboration with important national and international dealers and are now considered as a point of reference for our trustworthiness, capabilities and client adaptability on an international market front.
Alongside our vast supply of standard products, Euroclamp is capable of offering – thanks to it modern and flexible organization and production structure- an extensive supply of specialized and personalized components created on specific client indications. Due to these characteristics, Euroclamp has consolidated collaborations with major Italian and European brands, creating relationships that go beyond our role of supplier.
Euroclamp is capable of offering to its clients various levels of service and supply, from the straightforward sale of our range of products, to the study, design and creation of prototypes and new series of products.

At present, our factory has 20 technical, commercial and administrative employees and covers a total area of 9,000 square meters, 3,500 of which covered, and exports the large majority of its production to companies both inside and out of the EU.

Our values

Avant-garde solid foundations


We seek solutions by exploring new frontiers in technology, design and quality.


Expertise and professionalism accompany decisions and new strategies, the result of years of "fieldwork"


We operate according to certain production processes for maximum safety and control of the final product.


Commitment and responsibility are creating the way we think and act on the environment.

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